The Enduro-Plus line is CISCO’s own brand of forage products.


Enduro-Plus consists of only the best forage varieties available. All varieties in the Enduro-Plus products have been developed and tested for forage quality, yield, and persistence. These products have been designed to give you higher relative feed values, which translates into more milk per acre, more beef per acre, or more energy for horses.

We sell Enduro-Plus products only through trained seed dealers. We know forage producers want quality products from people who can keep them up-to-date with the newest and best information available. That’s why we work closely with our dealers to keep them trained on the best forages available. You can be assured every Enduro-Plus dealer has the knowledge to help you be more profitable. Consult the list of Enduro-Plus products below to find those best suited for your needs.

ExecuTurf Pond2O EnduroPlus Endure Naturalist N-Vest Pasture Perfect