Execu-Turf is CISCO’s own line of top-quality grass seed mixes.


We take great pride in knowing that with Execu-Turf you get the “best of the best.” Extensive time and effort goes into determining the turf grass varieties with the highest quality and disease-resistance ratings. Only these top varieties are chosen to go into Execu-Turf mixes.

Execu-Turf will provide the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. Best of all, you’ll have the peace of mind that your lawn will have an Executive look, even under the stress of various climactic conditions and daily activities. Reference the chart below to find the mix best suited for your lawn.

Click here to view the formulations of each Execu-Turf mix. (PDF, 84 KB)

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Execu-Turf Mixes Information Chart (Download)

ExecuTurf Mixes & Blends chart
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