N-Vest Cover Crops

Protect the Soil — Capture Nutrients
Improve Soil Tilth — Reduce Soil Pests
Increase Nitrogen Fixation
Improve Future Crop Production

N-Vest® in the future of your farm with top quality.
N-Vest® Cover Crops...university researched and proven.

Find the N-Vest® mix best suited for your needs:

  • Fall Triticale
  • Field Peas
  • Forage Turnip
  • Hairy Vetch
  • Mammoth Red Clover
  • Med. Red Clover
  • Mustard, White
  • Oats
  • Pearl Millet
  • Phacelia
  • Radish
  • Rape
  • Sorghum Sudan
  • Spring Triticale
  • Sunn Hemp
  • Sweet Clover
  • Teffgrass
  • Winter Wheat

N-Vest® NutriBuilder Mix

Three way mixture of winterhardy annual ryegrass, improved crimson clover, and Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Nitrogen producer plus two scavengers
  • More diverse mixture improves soil health

Excellent weed suppression


Ground application

N-Vest® Crimson Cover-All Mix

Improved crimson clover and Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Nitrogen producer (legume) plus a nutrient scavenger (brassica)
  • Crimson clover has a fine, fibrous root system
Crimson Cover-All Mix

Crimson clover

Crimson Cover-All Mix

Produces nitrogen with fibrous root system

N-Vest® Groundbreaker Mix

Austrian winter peas and Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Great nitrogen producer plus a scavenger
  • Fast nodulating peas can produce up to 90-150 lbs. of nitrogen/acre
Groundbreaker Mix

Weed suppression

Groundbreaker Mix

Scavenging nutrients, producing nitrogen, & multiplying earthworms

N-Vest® Forager Mix

Oats, cereal rye, plus forage turnips

  • Grazers’ choice for cover crop
  • Oats and turnips can be grazed in the fall, cereal rye can be grazed in the spring
Forager Mix

Ready to be grazed in 60 days

Forager Mix

Balanced ration for cattle

N-Vest® Winter Hawk Annual Ryegrass

Very durable, winterhardy annual ryegrass

  • Number one in winterhardiness at The Ohio State cover crop trials
  • Huge biomass builder and soil tilth improvement
Winter Hawk Annual Ryegrass

Quick establishment & quick cover

Winter Hawk Annual Ryegrass

Good biomass producer

N-Vest® Oat-Radish Mix

High quality oat seed plus proven Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Soil tilth builder and nutrient scavenger
  • Winterkills for easy management
Oat Radish Mix

Scavenges nutrients from manure

Oat Radish Mix

Ready to plant in spring


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Cover Crop Benefits:

  • Protect the soil surface from erosion & improve water infiltration
  • Elevate water holding capacity of the soil
  • Suppress weeds
  • Guard the soil surface from extreme temperatures, rain, and wind
  • Improve soil structure & reduce compaction
  • Increase yield potential
  • Raise soil organic matter levels and improve soil physical properties
  • Mineralize, reposition, and scavenge nutrients in the soil and utilize them for the next crop
  • Enhance soil biological activity and health
  • Produce forage, reducing feed costs
  • Potentially reduce nutrient costs

Northside of road after 2.8” of rain. Cover crop system used on this farm.


Southside of road after 2.8” of rain. No cover crops being used.

We recommend Valmar brand seeding equipment manufactured by Salford Group. Visit the Salford Group website.

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