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What You Should Know about Tutoring

Two weeks ago, I had an enlightening conversation with a woman to whom I had been describing my business. She asked me what kind of services I provided for the students I tutored, and as I ticked off a myriad of situations in which a student might benefit from the use of a tutor, she was quiet for a moment, and then replied, "I always thought tutoring equalled trouble!" It was then that I had an epiphany. As a teacher that is "true blue," and as a tutor who understands all of the ways tutoring can help children, I was flabbergasted to realize that, maybe, a good chunk of the population believed the same way that my lunching companion did. If that is the case, then please allow me to make my case for illustrating the innumerable ways parents can benefit their children by hiring the likes of me (your English and reading specialist, extraordinaire): curriculum enrichment: Think of tutoring as preventative maintenance on your child's knowledge for the school year - tutoring can reinforce, supplement, and assess what is being done at his school, and also provide additional knowledge to widen the child's knowledge base.


Specific academic goals that need to be met: Whether your child needs to get an "exceeding" or "meets" on her English portion of the AIMS test, whether your child is gearing up to write her senior research paper, or whether your child needs to learn the "ins" and "outs" of the library in order to do proper research, tutoring can help with all of those tasks.

literature enrichment: Would you like to improve your child's analytical, higher-level thinking skills? Would you like to see your child make connections between the literature he's reading in school and with happenings that are taking place on a national and global level? How about having your child make connections between the literature and himself? (by the way, those are all ideas that are listed in the state standards of this beautiful state, of ours). Well, according to proper tutoring done by an expert can help develop those critical thinking skills that each teacher, nationally, wants to see in their students' work.

The point here is that there is always a reason to hone and develop your child's writing, reading, and analytical skills. The point is that not only does learning never go out of style, but that this schematic building of knowledge will enhance the child's worldview, and, as an adult, will line his wallet. Knowledge makes you rich mentally, spirtually, and in this earthly world, financially.

For more information about tutoring in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, please visit for services that will assist your child in being a standout, but also, a child that stands apart from others.

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