Why should I buy turf grass seed from CISCO?

CISCO is a quality conscience company in all aspects of its business operations from employees, to customer service, to delivery, to product selection, to our seed. Our turf grass division is one of our main business focuses. We pride ourselves as being the top provider of high quality seed for our Midwest customer base.

We choose to handle many high quality seed varieties that are tested in the National Turf grass Evaluation Program, a program that is highly regarded as a true representation of good varietal information. We base many of our buying decisions on this information. It is readily available for your perusal at www.ntep.org.

We also choose to partner with many exceptional seed companies in the Pacific Northwest. By dealing with high-end suppliers, we are eliminating the possibility of receiving poor quality seed. By high-end, we mean that you are receiving the purest seed available with very little, to no, crop seed or weed seed present. We also stock and promote high-end varieties of seed so that the customer has the best products available to them. We incorporate these products into our mixes and blends and upgrade these mixes and blends every year to ensure the customer is always at the cutting edge of quality!

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