With over 50 years’ experience in providing customer satisfaction, CISCO is committed to providing only the highest quality and finest ingredients to attract the widest variety of birds possible.


CISCO’s Naturalist line offers a wide assortment of premium bird foods and feeders. Whether you are an advanced birding enthusiast or a curious beginner, our Naturalist line has you covered! Let us know how we can help you get started today and check out more information on our premium mixes below.


INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Oil Sunflower, Peanut Pieces, Oat Groats, Sunflower Chips, Striped Sunflower, Safflower, Medium Cut Corn, Dried Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Mixed Tree Nuts

  • Premium nutrition to attract the most variety of song birds

  • Specifically designed to attract songbirds, cardinals, grosbeaks, finches, jays, nuthatches & buntings

INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Oil Sunflower, Medium Cut Corn, Striped Sunflower, Safflower, Sunflower Fine Chips, Peanut Pieces, Red Millet

  • For the discriminating bird enthusiast.

  • Attracts an extremely wide range of birds including cardinals, chickadees, finches, tufted titmouse, nuthatches and woodpeckers

INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Medium Cut Corn, Milo, Oil Sunflower, Red Millet, Grit

  • Economy mix that attracts a nice selection of song birds

  • Attracts cardinals, finches, and siskins

INGREDIENTS: Medium Cut Corn, Milo, White Millet, Oil Sunflower

  • Economy mix for the budget minded

  • Attracts cardinals, finches, doves, and juncos

INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Milo, Oil Sunflower, Wheat

  • Good mix at a value price. For the enthusiast on a budget

  • Attracts blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, finches, siskins and juncos

INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Medium Cut Corn, Sunflower Chips, Peanut Pieces, Oat Groats, Red Millet

  • Less waste at the feeder. Less mess on the ground

  • Attracts cardinals, chickadees, finches, doves, juncos, nuthatches and many more

INGREDIENTS: Oil Sunflower, Safflower, Peanut Pieces, Striped Sunflower, Medium Sunflower Chips

  • Designed to attract beautiful cardinals to your yard

  • Will also attract grosbeaks, chickadees, nuthatches and more


INGREDIENTS: Oil Sunflower, White Millet, Safflower, Striped Sunflower, Red Millet

  • Our most popular Naturalist® mix

  • Premium bird mix that attracts the most beautiful birds to your feeder

  • Attracts cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, finches, siskins, juncos and a wide range of other song birds

INGREDIENTS: Nyjer, White Millet, Fine Sunflower Chips, Flax, Canary

  • Small enough seed to fill most feeders that are designed for Nyjer (thistle) seed

  • Specifically blended with desirable seeds for smaller beaked birds

  • Attracts finches, siskins, red polls, and juncos

INGREDIENTS: Shelled Corn, Oil Sunflower, Striped Sunflower, Peanut Pieces, In-shell Peanuts

  • Perfect for the wildlife watching enthusiast

  • Attracts squirrels, chipmunks, deer and various birds

INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Oil Sunflower, Striped Sunflower, Safflower, Red Millet

  • Better mix with less filler than other value priced mixes

  • Attracts cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, finches, doves, juncos and more

INGREDIENTS: Peanut Pickouts, Mixed Tree Nuts, Sunflower Meats, Black Oil Sunflower, Dried Raisins, Dried Apples

  • Formulated especially for woodpeckers with our best blend of nuts, seeds, and fruit.

  • This mix also attracts nuthatches, chickadees, and jays.

Suet is created with high quality ingredients to attract a wide variety of birds to your yard.

  • Orange Blend

  • Berry Blend

  • High Energy

  • Peanut Blend


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