N-Vest cover crops have been formulated based on years of experience working with farmers to help them begin the process of effectively improving their soil – not just for now, but for future generations as well. 

The product mixes in the N-Vest bag work to protect the soil from erosion, begin the process of increasing the soil tilth, as well as breaking up long-standing hardpans. These mixes go to work scavenging unused nutrients as well as fixing nitrogen for use in subsequent crops. If you are looking to improve your soils, build soil organic matter, increase earthworm populations, combat erosion, and build carbon and fertility for years to come, look no further than N-Vest cover crops.

Find the best N-Vest mix suited for your needs below:

  • Fall Triticale

  • Field Peas

  • Forage Turnip

  • Hairy Vetch

  • Mammoth Red Clover

  • Med. Red Clover

  • Mustard, White

  • Oats

  • Pearl Millet

  • Phacelia

  • Radish

  • Rape

  • Sorghum Sudan

  • Spring Triticale

  • Sunn Hemp

  • Sweet Clover

  • Teffgrass

  • Winter Wheat

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 8.32.07 PM.png

Three way mixture of winterhardy annual ryegrass, improved crimson clover, and Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Nitrogen producer plus two scavengers

  • More diverse mixture improves soil health


Improved crimson clover and Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Nitrogen producer (legume) plus a nutrient scavenger (brassica)

  • Crimson clover has a fine, fibrous root system


Austrian winter peas and Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Great nitrogen producer plus a scavenger

  • Fast nodulating peas can produce up to 90-150 lbs. of nitrogen/acre


Oats, cereal rye, plus forage turnips

  • Grazers’ choice for cover crop

  • Oats and turnips can be grazed in the fall, cereal rye can be grazed in the spring


Very durable, winterhardy annual ryegrass

  • Number one in winterhardiness at The Ohio State cover crop trials

  • Huge biomass builder and soil tilth improvement


High quality oat seed plus proven Scav-N-Ger® radish

  • Soil tilth builder and nutrient scavenger

  • Winterkills for easy management


Custom cover crops seed options available 

  •  Contact your CISCO representative for more information



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