Where do I download the sell sheet?

All sell sheets can be found in the directory next to the vendors name in the form of a downlaod button. To downlaod the sell sheet for each vendor, click the arrow button beside thier name in the directory. Once clicked a new window will pull up of the PDF. To save and edit the PDF double click or go to the top right corner and click" SAVE PDF AS" this will allow you to save the PDF to your computer editting it with the orders you would like to place!

How do I upload the sell sheet?

Totally!!! So this process is quick, to upload your PDF sell sheet that you downloaded and filled out follow the steps below

  1. Click the "Upload sell sheet" Button found out the top of the tradeshow page.
  2. Select the PDF from your computer and click "done."
  3. Now that you have uploaded your PDF Sell sheet its time to submit it!
  4. If you see the name of your document displayed above the "submit" button you know it is there. All you have to do now is press submit!!
  5. Once submitted you should see a succesful submision text " your order has been submitted" If you see this message, IT WAS SUCCESFUL and we have received your order.

How do I visit the vendors page or chat directly with them?

Yes! So there are two options here!! One you can find their page and discussion panel in the directory indetifed by the "HOME" icon or you can search them directly near the bottom of the tradeshow page. DIRECTORY OPTION

  1. Go to the 2020 Tradeshow Directory Between pages 3-6, you will find ever vendor present at our virtual tradeshow.
  2. After navigating the directory and finding the vendor whos page you would like to visit, simply click the "HOME" icon and a new window will open for you to join in on a live discusion.
  3. THATS IT!
  1. to search the name of a vendor and locate thier discussion panel, scroll near the button of our tradeshow page where you will see a yellow section.
  2. Here we have a search bar; type in the name of the vednor you are looking for.
  3. once its comes up, simply click on thier name or the join now and a new window will pull up that vendors panel!

What if i have a different question or need immediate help?

NOOO WORRIESS we have you covered over the tradeshow dates our team will be avleiable and assiting any and all other concerns or wuestion through the chat icon. Feel free to message us by click the icon in the bottom right corner and asking us any quick questions!! We will respond as quickly as possble!!