The Midwestern Wildlife Zone brand of plot mixes provides the latest in improved varieties mixed for top performance in annual and perennial plots. Whether you are looking for mixes that provide seclusion or blinds, a forage mix for year-round activity, or annual mixes for attraction; Midwestern Wildlife Zone has the product mixes to meet your needs. They are field- tested in the Midwest for all types of wildlife acceptance. Check out all the mixes available below!

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Perennial mix to provide cover for deer and birds for many years.

Ingredients: Perseus festulolium, Power tetraploid ryegrass, Ladino clover, timothy, CISCO 328 alfalfa, medium red clover, Peredovic sunflower, Dwarf Essex 

  • Type: Perennial Cover / Forage Mix

  • Plant Time: March/April or Aug./Sept.

  • Seed Rate: 18 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

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Perfect annual mix to provide cover, as well as food, all year long for deer and birds.

Ingredients: Buckwheat, Wilder grain sorghum, soybeans, Frostmaster peas, Peredovic sunflower, Dwarf Essex 

  • Type: Annual Forage Plot / Screen Mix

  • Plant Time: May/June

  • Seed Rate: 25 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

Forage Oats.png

A food plot mix that combines the attraction of oats, and the winter hardiness of wheat and triticale.

Ingredients: Forage oats, wheat, fall triticale

  • Type: Winter-Hardy Annual Forage

  • Plant Time: Aug./Sept.

  • Seed Rate: 50 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

Forage Oats.png

Tall growing annual mix that works well for a screenmix. Large plots are used as cover for birds & rabbits.

Ingredients: Foxtail and Pearl Millet, Grain Sorghum, Buckwheat, Sunflower, Korean Lespedeza, Ladino Clover

  • Type: Bird Cover/Screen Mix

  • Plant Time: May/August

  • Seed Rate: 25 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

Frozen Forage.png

Quick-growing annual forage that produces lots of leafy tonnage. Deer love it when it freezes.

Ingredients: Groundhog radish, purple top turnip, Dwarf Essex rape, Appin Turnip, Endure chicory

  • Type: Annual Brassica Mix

  • Plant Time: Late July through Mid September

  • Seed Rate: 5 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

Deer Blind.jpg

Screen mix capable of growing 10-14 feet tall. Great for screening food plots from roads or neighbors or making traffic alleys.

Ingredients: Egyptian Wheat, Game Fence Sorghum, Sweet Bites Sorghum Sudangrass, Sunn Hemp and Peradovic Sunflowers

  • Type: Annual Tall Screen Mix

  • Plant Time: Late May through Early August

  • Seed Rate: 11lb. bag will seed a screen 20 ft. wide by 500 ft.

Dry Ground Greens.png

Perennial forage mix designed to produce tons of high-quality forage on your low-quality, dry, low pH soils.

Ingredients: Delar small burnett, Endure chicory, Kopu II white clover, Dixie crimson clover, Advantage ladino clover

  • Type: Perennial Dry Soil Mix

  • Plant Time: March/April or Aug./Sept.

  • Seed Rate: 5 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

Midwestern T-N-T.png

Our best perennial mix for your best soils. With a good pH, this mix will produce high tonnage, high-quality forage for many years for multiple species.

Ingredients: Enduro Elite alfalfa, Advantage ladino clover, Kopu II white clover, Berseem clover, Gallant red clover

  • Type: Perennial Forage / Grazing Mix

  • Plant Time: March/April or Aug./Sept.

  • Seed Rate: 6 lbs. covers 1/2 acre

Venison Veggies.jpg

Quick growing annual mix that contains sugar beet and produces a ton of sweet tasting forage.

Ingredients: Sunn hemp, Sugar beets, Purple top turnips, Frostmaster peas

  • Type: Sugar Beets Mix

  • Plant Time: May through August

  • Seed Rate: 5 lbs. covers 1/2 acre




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